Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you look in the mirror and your teeth resemble some of the monoliths at the City Of Rocks, National Reserve near Burley, you might want to think about getting your teeth whitened. Dr. Val Garn is your Burley teeth whitening expert and will work to keep your smile bright. When people meet you, one of the first things they notice is your smile. A white smile will keep you looking your best. We are working to make the world a better place, one smile at a time.

The Burley Family Dentist will keep your smile at its best

There are plenty of things ready to ruin your perfect smile. Everything from the beverages you consume to the foods you eat have substances that stain your teeth. As your teeth age, they naturally begin to look less and less like the pearly white you expect to see. We have specific treatments that remove the stains from your teeth. Our professionally trained staff will start you off with a full exam, xrays, and a cleaning. Then we introduce you to our “Show Us Your Smile” club. We can make custom bleach trays that will bring back your beautiful smile. Our whitening agent is nonabrasive. Call Dr. Val Garn’s office to get the details of our bleaching program. We have all the equipment and technical experience needed to keep your smile picture perfect.

Make Dr. Val Garn, your Dentist

When you want a perfect smile, the Burley Family Dentist can help. With our comfortable interior environment and courteous staff, a visit to the dentist will become something you enjoy. We are a family dentist, which means you can bring your entire family for all your teeth cleaning needs. We can help with any oral issue. Call us today and schedule an appointment for you and your family. With the Burley Family Dentist, your perfect smile is our priority.


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