Root Canal Therapy

When you want your family to experience year round outdoor fun, the Pomerelle Ski Resort has something no matter the season. From Skiing to mountain biking, your family will find lasting enjoyment. If you have a tooth that is keeping you from enjoying any activity, your tooth might need a root canal. When you need year round oral care, Dr. Val Garn is ready to help you no matter the season.

Relaxed Root Canals

When you hear the words “root canal” the hair on the back of your neck may start to rise. We listen to your concerns and determine if that bothersome tooth does, in fact need root canal treatment. Helping you save your teeth is important to us. If you have a toothache, don’t wait. If left untreated the pain will increase, and you could also experience swelling and infection. We offer conscious sedation that will provide painless treatment. Call Dr. Val Garn and schedule an appointment to have your teeth evaluated. When you come to the Burley Family Dentist, your concerns will melt away in our relaxed environment. We can help you find your smile again.

Make the Burley Family Dentist, Your Dentist

We have the technical experience and equipment to perform your root canal with little to no discomfort. Soon your smile will be whiter and brighter than ever. You will be able to smile and chew without pain. Our friendly professional staff will help to make your dental experience comfortable. We are making Burley a better place, one smile at a time.


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