Springtime in Burley is beautiful and breathtaking as the flowers and trees bloom, brightening up this lovely city we live in. But if you suffer from seasonal allergies, appreciating the beauty in Burley can be a challenge. As the grasses, weeds and plants pollinate, your allergies can make you quite miserable. Of course, you’re aware of the common symptoms…the sneezing, watery eyes, and the faucet-like nose. However, most people aren’t aware that their seasonal allergies can have an effect on their teeth and mouth.

Sore Throat

When allergies congest your sinuses, a resulting sore throat is a frustrating symptom as your sinuses drain in the back of your throat. A sore throat from post nasal drip is aggravating and very painful. A swollen, itchy and mucus filled throat can result in your entire mouth hurting, leading to referred pain in your teeth.

Dry Mouth

Severe allergies can cause itching and leaking fluids from areas that shouldn’t be wet and ironically dry up areas that should be wet, like your mouth. A lack of saliva can wreak havoc on your oral health. Saliva protects your mouth and teeth from harmful, cavity causing bacteria. The antibacterial enzymes in your saliva prevent tooth decay and also keep your breath smelling fresh. A perpetually dry mouth means more cavities and foul smelling breath.

Tooth Pain

Pressure in your sinuses not only causes facial pain but aching in your teeth. The maxillary sinuses are located at the root ends of your upper molars so when your sinuses build up with fluid, it results in a discomfort and pressure that affects your teeth. Allergy sufferers in Burley are prone to sinus and teeth infection so it’s important to visit Burley Family Dentistry if you suspect an infection.

Let your Burley family dentist help you!

Inflammation around your molars can increase your misery during allergy season, let Burley Family Dentistry alleviate that pain for you. Dr. Val Garn is experienced with assisting patients with allergy related teeth pain. Don’t suffer any longer, call your trusted Burley, Idaho dentist at Burley Family Dentistry today!

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