Summer—it’s the season everyone looks forward to. The kids are out of school, your schedule is relaxed, vacations are planned and the days are fun-filled. With the end of the school year however, routines are forgotten and habits are lost. Kids are sleeping in late, eating more treats and snacks like popsicles and soda pop, and maybe brushing and flossing are a little lower on the priority list. Summer is a dangerous time for the teeth and when the potential for cavity development spikes. It’s important to be vigilant about the oral health of you and your children so everyone can return to school in the fall with healthy mouths. Here’s a few tips:

1-Set reminders
Setting an alarm on your phone or posting a sticky note by a light switch to “brush your teeth” is a great idea. If your summertime schedule is nonexistent or varies day to day, it’s easy to forget to brush in the morning and night. Setting up reminders will help everyone in your household remember, no matter what is going on that day.

2-Stock healthy treats
Summer is fun and laid back and often so are our diets. More sugar is consumed by children and even adults in the summer because soda pop, ice cream and popsicles are so enjoyable when it’s hot. Summer time busyness can also involve a lot of on-the-go eating, which is high in sugars and hard on your teeth. Stock healthy snacks for busy days in the car and at home. A few treats are fine, but pay close attention to the sugar consumption.

3-Create a reward system
This tip works for children and yourself. For kids, a fun sticker chart where they can mark their brushing and flossing off works wonders. A full month of stickers can be rewarded with a toy or trip to a movie. These reward tools are not just for children! For yourself, rewarding yourself with something you’ve desired if you remember to floss is a great motivator.

4-Don’t skip your 6 month cleaning
Getting your teeth cleaned in Burley is so easy with a quick trip to Burley Family Dentistry. We can see your whole family at once! Getting your teeth cleaned and x-rayed to avoid potential plaque build-up or problems is vital to your oral health.

Dr. Val Garn loves Burley and loves his patients. Your family matters to us and we look forward to seeing you and getting to know you and helping your keep your teeth healthy and cavity free. When you are looking for a great family dentist in Burley, look no further. Our friendly staff cares and is looking forward to being your Burley family dentist for years to come.

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